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How do I add my vision to a story?

  1. Answer the questions below.
  2. Our super-clever story generator creates a pre-written scene from your answers.
  3. You get a chance to edit, add, scrap or entirely re-write the resulting story scene. No rules!
  4. Enter your email address (which we’ll never share), and we’ll send you the final edited text.
  5. We quickly check over what you’ve written to make sure it isn’t offensive
  6. Your written addition goes live to the storyverse!

Why participate?

  1. Because it’s fun, just try it.
  2. Because imagining future people is less depressing and futile than trying to ignore them, and more productive than simply hoping for the best.
  3. Because your contribution might trigger debate (or laughter) on the podcast and in the discussion forum.
  4. Because you want to see what happens when your ideas are mashed-up, re-mixed, and fermented with thousands of other inputs by the hello X creative team in our top secret chaos machine at the bottom of the Gakkel Ridge hydrothermal vent (or in the kitchen of our Tromsø studio), creating short stories for use in live performances, interactive apps, or published in old-fashioned, uh… books.